Social and Personal Development

While agreeing that our species is the most advanced and complex of all living species, with exceptional expressions of consciousness and behavior; Humanism also acknowledges that there is lots further to be desired in human behavior.

The potential for intentional development and eventual transformation, is not only and amazing possibility but also an urgent necessity.

Human behavior is often extremely violent, cruel, incoherent, aggressive, exploitative, greedy and overall irresponsible.

As a result, of reckless behavior and increased population our environment is severely damaged, out of balance, and threatening animal life in all its forms.

The living conditions of large numbers of human beings are deplorable, the social system is conflictive, unfair and violent. Small numbers of human beings have appropriated a large proportion of the planetary wealth and resources, depriving the large majorities of essentials for a decent living, education, health, shelter and well-being.

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